5 Benefits of Daycare for Young Children


Some people might feel that enrolling their children into daycare is akin to offloading them onto strangers.  But the fact of the matter is that even for parents who have enough time to take care of their kids during the day, a good daycare environment can be a positive experience for children and adults alike.  This article will explain five benefits of daycare for young children.


Socializing With Other Children

Because the daycare environment includes plenty of other children, daycare participants learn to interact with others and cope with social situations in a safe and regulated setting.  Daycares allow children to learn about sharing, playing and different viewpoints in a way that wouldn’t be found at home or during a playdate.

Socializing With Other Adults

At home, children are regularly exposed to adults they’re related to.  And although they will come into contact with other adults, a daycare centre allows regular socializing with adults who aren’t relatives.  This affords children a better understanding of authority figures and student-teacher relationships.

Priming For Further Education

For children who’ve experienced daycare situations, going onto further education such as kindergarten will prove much less traumatic.  This gives daycare children a head start when it comes to further education as their adjustment period will be much shorter compared to children who’ve never been in a group learning situation before.

Scheduling Experience

Children in daycares actually experience quite regimented schedules even if they are unaware of the fact.  This contributes to their recognition and understanding of how scheduling affects everyone’s day-to-day life and how to accept structured timetables when it comes to things like eating and sleeping.

Parental Benefit

Daycares also provide benefits for the children’s parents.  There’s the obvious economic benefit of allowing a parent to maintain a full time job while their children are still being taken care of.  This can be especially helpful in the case of single parent families. But there is also a social benefit that parents receive. It’s quite often said that new parents feel like they rarely deal with adults any longer.  By joining a daycare, parents become part of a community of other parents who are going through a similar experience. And although interactions with other parents might be limited there is still a sense of a common bond that won’t be found at home


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