Sickness and Childcare Facts

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Many people believe that daycares and preschools are full of germs that will get their children sick.  When it comes to sickness and childcare facts, most daycares are probably cleaner than many of the other environments your children encounter.  Because daycares and preschools are responsible for so many young children it’s important that they keep their spaces clean.  As we all know, children aren’t exactly prepared to do this themselves.  Nor are they known for worrying about hygienic habits.  Hence the need for these institutions to make cleanliness a top priority.

Children can be exposed to viruses that make them sick in all sorts of public places that they visit before or after daycare.  Public transportation, grocery stores and public parks can all easily harbor more germs than what’s found in a preschool due to the simple fact that they’re not focused on cleaning as much as a daycare or preschool.

Children can also be exposed to bacteria and germs brought into your own home.  As an adult, you have a fully functional immune system, but the same cannot be said about your child.  You could be exposed to viruses at work or during your commute that your immune system easily fends off, but once you bring them home, your child has no natural defences against them. 

What to Do?

There are several things that you can do to prevent your child from getting sick as well as reducing the chances that they spread germs to other children they attend daycare with.  Take special care in public places where many people are handling the same objects.  Things like grocery carts, bus seats and public bathrooms can carry a lot of germs.  Consider using hand sanitizer or creating a habit of washing your child’s hands after being out and about.

When you get home from work or a day out, consider changing your clothes before playing with your kids.  As mentioned earlier, your immune system may be used to your work environment, but your children may not be.

If your child is sick, has a sore throat, bad tummy or is feeling feverish, keep them home from school.  Most daycares will send sick kids back home so as not to affect the entire class, but if you keep them home in the first place, it can save a lot of hassle for everyone.

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