4 Benefits Your Child Learns from Daycare

For several decades, sending children to daycare was a normal occurence that was never questioned.  However, today’s parents have begun to wonder if daycare is the right option for their children.  There’s much more emphasis on home schooling than there ever has been and it appears there’s a yearning for a bygone era where children were brought up by stay-at-home parents or an extended family instead of hired professionals.  But as that’s not an option in most dual income households, we’ve come up with a list of four benefits your child learns from daycare to allay any worries you may have about enrolling your kids.


Although it may be desirable to have your kids stay at home with you or their grandparents, the fact is that at some point they’ll need to learn to interact and socialize with a variety of other people.  Daycare is the perfect environment for this type of socialization.  Kids attending daycare are at the perfect age to learn about others.  Daycare classes strengthen social skills that will be used throughout their life.

Problem Solving

Most daycares will gently guide children into situations where they’re encouraged to solve problems and enhance their reasoning skills.  These exercises can strengthen skills such as persistence, perseverance and problem solving and allow to children to function without relying on their families. 

Language Development

Being exposed to a wide variety voices of both adults and other children their own age will help your child with their language development.  Daycares expose children to words and phrases they may not experience at home all that often and expand their vocabularies.  Quite often language development will play a large role in the daycare curriculum.

Independent Thinking

It’s often scary for children to be separated from their parents, but it’s an essential part of childhood development.  Daycares provide a safe area to experience this separation on a regular basis.  It eventually becomes normal and acceptable for both the child and the parents.  Regular separation allows children time to function independently as they learn to understand their parents will ultimately return to get them.

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