5 Reasons Reading to Young Children is Important

reading to children


Most people have great memories of the bedtime story.  Having an adult read a book to a child as they’re preparing to go to bed is one of the great traditions of our society.  But reading to your children isn’t just important for helping them fall asleep, there are many advantages bestowed upon children by reading stories to them aloud.  Here are five reasons reading to young children is important.

It Builds Language Skills

Children learn many of their language skills through conversation and speech, but reading to your children will expand the number of words and phrases they’re exposed to.  We all use certain turns of phrase or keywords multiple times throughout the day and your children quickly become used to them. By reading books to your children they’ll hear new words and expressions that will build their language skills.

It Builds A Bond

Reading a book together is a great way to bond with children.  The story you experience is like going on an adventure together.  This creates a stronger bond and a sense of closeness. Reading a story together is a great way to relax while building a connection with each other.

It Teaches Empathy

When people are able to put themselves into the life experiences of others, they learn to feel empathy for different points of view.  Being able to empathize with what other people are thinking is a major step in a child’s development. Storytelling is a great way to encourage this type of growth.

It Improves Concentration

Quite often children have a hard time staying concentrated on a single task.  The magic of storytelling is that it draws one in and encourages them to focus on the situation at hand.  Consistent storytelling will give your child an advantage when it comes to concentration and focus.

It Encourages Reading

For a youngster reading a book with an adult, it becomes apparent that there’s something going on in the book beyond the pictures they are looking at.  They can see the words, but likely find them indecipherable. Being read to can develop a curiosity for words that will eventually lead to learning how to read.

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