How Daycare Can Help Children’s Development

In this day and age when a lot of parents are working to keep the bills paid, daycare has become a necessity.  But beyond simply providing a babysitting service, daycare can actually be an important part of a child’s development.  Daycare provides a different environment for the child to experience which can help with future learning and life skills. In this article we’ll go over some ways of how daycare can help children’s development.



Not all children are naturally outgoing.  As with adults, many children are actually quite shy when meeting new people.  Daycare exposes children to a new social situation and allows them to become more comfortable interacting with new people.  Daycare can help children become more confident in social situations and help them develop interpersonal skills.


Problem Solving

Daycare programs can provide a safe environment in which children are allowed to develop their problem solving skills.  By presenting them with situations that teach resilience, persistence and critical thinking, daycares offer a secure environment that allows for the development of problem solving skills in low risk situations. 


Vocabulary Development

Children who are only exposed to their immediate family during their early years aren’t exposed to the wide variety of language that can be found in an outside environment.  Those who spend time in daycares are subject to a wider range of voicings, words and phrases.  This leads to a better development of language and an appreciation for learning new ways of communicating.


Preparation For School

Although daycares aren’t the same as schools, they do prepare children for that eventual reality.  They’ll learn how to act in a group, follow the instructions of a leader, work within a schedule and more.  All these skills will make the transition to school life that much easier.



Daycares will give children a large number of opportunities to discover and hone their creative skills.  Whether specifically encouraged to be creative or simply reacting to a unique environment, creativity is encouraged in most daycare activities.  Arts and crafts, storytelling and simple play all develop the imagination and bring out the creativity in children. 

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