Three Summer Toddler Crafts

Keeping the children busy throughout the summer months can be challenging.   After they’ve seemingly done everything there is to do, the extended holiday leaves them with a lot of time to get bored.  The trick is to get them engrossed in something that forces them to focus and take their minds off the passage of time. Arts and crafts are great for this so we’ve come up with a list of three summer toddler crafts to keep your kids busy.

Paper Plate Ladybugs

Children are delighted by ladybugs.  The fact that they exhibit bright colours, don’t bite and are content crawling on your child’s skin make them a summertime favourite.  Why not create your own family of ladybugs to capture the mood. All you need are some different sized paper plates and some red and black markers to colour them.  Glue on some strips of black paper to create legs and a head and your ladybug family has begun.

Homemade Bubbles

All children love bubbles.  So much so that they’ll probably blow through that store bought container of bubble liquid in no time.  By using this simple recipe you can have an endless supply of bubbles any time you want. Get the kids involved in measuring and mixing for added engagement.  Mix a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid with one cup of water. Add two tablespoons of light corn syrup and mix well. Although the corn syrup will make the bubbles sticky, you’ll also be able to blow bigger bubbles than from anything you buy from the store.  If you keep the bubble blowing outside you’ll have no problems at all.

Sidewalk Paint

You’ve likely bought sidewalk chalk only to find that it doesn’t last very long and costs quite a bit.  You can make your own impermanent sidewalk paint for a lot cheaper. Simply mix a half cup of cornstarch with three quarters cup of water and stir well.  Divide into the compartments of a muffin tray or into separate containers and add different food colourings to each portion. This paint easily washes off the sidewalk and your kid’s skin, so there are no worries about staining.

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