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Serving babies 0 to 18 months
Toddlers are 18 months to 30 months old
Serving Preschool children from 2.5 to 4 years
Serving Kindergarten children from 4 to 5.11 years

About Us

Little Miracles Child Care & Learning Centre believes that children, families and educators are competent, curious, rich in potential and capable of complex thinking. We are committed to collaborating with children, their families and with each other, as educators, to create a high quality early learning and care environment. Using a strength based approach to learning and development we view children, families and educators are co-learners. Activities and teachings will stem from the Holy Bible and the early Christian Church.
Little Miracles Child Care & Learning Centre licensed daycare in Markham upholds Christian teachings and celebrates strong family values.

Inclusion, diversity, acceptance

Little Miracles Childcare and Learning Centre acknowledges that all children are unique. Our programs are designed and customized to meet the individual needs of each child in our care.

What Parents Say

Alexia Boutros
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"This is a wonderful Child Care Centre! From the administrative staff to the classroom staff to the support staff! You all have such love and compassion towards one another. Everyone is welcome into this Christ-centred environment. The children feel safe, welcomed, and supported. Welcomed from 6weeks to 6 years the children grow together as a family while learning through play-based activities! Such an amazing environment!"
Bolaji Moore
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"My son Richard has been at this daycare since he was a toddler, great care was taken to enhance his good habits and curtail the bad. he would come home using complex words, polite (please and thank you), and with a full belly. The daycare is Christian and takes great care to impact Christian values and foundations of good moral character. Whenever there were issues they always addressed them promptly. I strongly recommend this daycare as a strong foundation for your child"
Janice Y.Ngai
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"My daughter started at LM as a 7-month-old baby. They have all been so kind and caring to her. Their love and patience have helped her develop many life skills as a little, independent toddler. The center is equipped with new, clean classrooms with natural sunlight and stimulating teaching materials to guide the development of little ones. Thank you, Little Miracles!"
Donna Li
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"I love little miracles. It's a wonderful and caring daycare. My daughter feels very happy and secure at school. Teachers and staffs are very friendly."
Sheri Isk
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"My son was in the infant room. The staff became like family and they are very accommodating"

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