Message From Our Supervisor

Lydia Yamoah


Hi, my name is Lydia. I have over 18 years of experience teaching and supervising children within childcare and school setting in all age groups. I also have my Resource Consulting Certificate, which allows me to work closely with children with special needs and their families. Working with families has always been my number one passion. During my years of working in childcare, I have been able to find out that parents are critical parts of the team working towards their children’s success, and when we can partner and communicate well with them, it helps children reach their goals.

One of the most important goals I can hope for the families within my care is self-confidence. It is about believing in our abilities that we can trust ourselves and be self-reliant and have faith in our own choices and judgments. I am so excited about joining Little Miracle, and I am looking forward to working with everyone and getting to know everyone and the families we serve.

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