Toddlers are 18 months to 30 months old. The ratio of Registered Early Childhood Educators to children is 1:5

Toddlers love to explore and discover. They experiment with new emotions on a daily basis.

At Little Miracles, we believe it is never too young to learn. Our staff will teach your toddler letter recognition, number sequences, and counting as well as mathematical concepts such as shapes, colors, value, time and sorting.

We also believe in immersing your little ones in Music and the Arts! Let us help you discover your next Mozart or Michelangelo!

Our daycare in Markham will offer your toddlers a chance to explore the Bible through plays and puppet shows. We will teach all the amazing morals that can be learned in our Holy Scriptures. Children will be encouraged to pray in the beginning of the day, before meals, before nap and learn hymns and worship music. This will instill God’s teachings and establish the foundation for life-long Christian learners.

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